Side Effects

Regardless of how they make me feel, I must feel comfortable in my own skin

My patience is running out thin

My whole life theme is a sad song while someone plays the violin

They’re acting very demonic, while I’m trying to keep my sins clean

I’m not stopping, I’m fighting until I win

I feel the ecstasy feeling growing within

I’ll drink some gin to get this grin off my face

Once I sober up, I’m on phase two

I hide my face too

I need to escape this tragic place

I wonder what it’s like to live in space, anything is better than catching a case

For too long I felt like I was in a race, but no one was chasing

I was fighting hard for them, they were fighting hard to replace me

Do I want to make mates?

I feel like they can never relate

Our debates don’t end well

I speak my mind and then I wait, but they never understand

When they can’t respect that you’re different, they neglect

I stay alone, because when I make mates, I get all the side effects

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