I’m supposed to be going with the flow

You hand me over a black rose

Then you put on a show

Everyone believes you, but I know how it goes

In secret you hate me, in the light when they’re watching, you want to propose

In secret you’re ripping my clothes, in the light you want to pose, you’re about to get exposed


You want to show them you love me, kiss me from my head to my toes, but your secrets I’m about to disclose

My feelings for you will no longer grow

This is not what I chose

You want to mess up my vibe, I oppose

I loved you every day, even the days you felt low

The first time you hurt me, I froze

I’m not longer doing it, the portal of love is officially closed

2 responses to “Lachrymose”

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment 🙂

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