Ballistic Vibe

Sometimes my thoughts make me go ballistic

I’m trying to beat the statistics

I’m all about peace of mind, I’ve never been materialistic

Those things don’t matter if I’m not feeling mystic

They want me to pop pills, I prefer holistic

They will never stop being critics

I’ll never stop feeling majestic

When I consume their vibes, I become parasitic, it makes me feel malicious

It’s a horrific feeling, I become a victim

But only because I allow it, it’s my fault because I know their thought patterns are twisted

I shifted the energy, now I feel lifted

They are giving me mixed signals, I like to be specific

I’m no longer letting them take control, I’m keeping myself at a distance

2 responses to “Ballistic Vibe”

  1. We truly are the artists of our happiness so why let others have the paint brush through which we can create our own art of joy. Loved the last line. Beautiful post indeed. ❤️👌👍

    1. exactly. Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment 🙂

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