Breaking free

I’m running from the mess I made

I was running because I was afraid

So, I was hiding under the shade

I hid until I learned how to pray

I need to face it, I had to find some sort of aid

My good energy was depleting, the bad energy was growing, some sort of trade

I hid for too long, I just stayed

Full of bad energy, what a downgrade

Now all I see is the nightshade

This is not what I wish to portray

This is not what I want to persuade

I’m trying to move to light, but the darkness always invades

The energy is homemade, it’s handmade

I did it to myself, I never escaped

All the chances I had, I erased

Looking for souls who can relate

Put your palm near my heart, do you feel my heart rate?

I’m coming out of darkness, I’m opening the gates

With or without a mate, I’m moving ahead

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