Still alive

Black eyes with tears
Black soul with love
Hurt, still smiling
Injured, we keep going
We keep pushing while the doors are closing
Sometimes shrinking, but most times we’re growing
So much energy, the aura is overflowing
In darkness, but mostly glowing
Taking a leap of faith, sometimes not knowing
What matters is what we’re approaching
Which element are we controlling?
I’m not done but my success is loading
I’m learning to cope, I’m not joking
Happy thoughts I keep quoting
We’re making it out alive, there is no opposing


Stop, wait, you’re going under my waist
You say you just want a taste
You say you just want to go pass first base
“Let’s go to a quieter place”
My legs and thighs you want to embrace
Back up, I need some space
You’re crossing the line, you think it’s some sort of race
I don’t want the chase, go at a slower pace
I thought we could vibe but your vibe is just a disgrace

The b**ch is dead

The b**ch is dead
All her pain was left unsaid
You left all her messages on read
Went out to party with other females instead
Your toxic energy, all over her body it spread
She loved you dearly, but you consumed her love as a threat
Her energy you always misread
She needed to leave you to get ahead
Too often you got in her head
So, she stayed all day in bed
Tears of blood she almost bled
She got tired of her sweet energy being unread
You’re wondering why her love now is such a dread
You killed her love, she got tired, the b**ch is dead

Her own kingdom

She is the designer of her life, She is her own producer
Sometimes she gets upset but it’s mostly just humor
She doesn’t have fake personalities, you’ll never get a different user
In her own castle, She is the ruler
She stayed with you for too long, She should’ve left you sooner
While she is speaking to you, you’re busy talking to other females on your computer
You’re such a loser
She knows that you’re trash, yet you see right through her
You never heard anything bad about her, yet she always heard so many rumors
She is a true trooper
She was just giving her energy to the wrong consumer
You won’t know truth until you officially lose her


Confused, but I refuse to stay in limbo
The doors are locked, but there must be a window
Different types of energy hitting me at different speed coming from all different directions
They hit me in the chest, I feel the force
I’m trying to find the main source
I’m allowing them to enter, weakening me, sickening me, but it was my fault, of course
I’m in so much pain and they don’t feel the remorse
If I ignore it, it gets worse
If I don’t cleanse my soul, I’ll fall into a curse

Better by error

I’m doing better by error
I’m going well under pressure
Every time my mind is at peace, I feel like a successor
I made it out of hell alive, I feel so clever
To do better in life is indeed my pleasure
If you want to join me, we got it together
I’m trying to keep it together even when I am feeling under the weather
The good vibe is so enormous, it’s hard to measure
I get upset, I break down, get back up, I take the lesson as a refresher
Eliminating my bad thoughts, they are the aggressors
I need to make it out alive altogether


Why do you have scars there?
Is that from the war you battle every single day in your head?
Don’t be ashamed, you’re a star
I know it’s hard, sometimes I want to get drunk in a bar
I don’t smoke and I want a cigar
I walk in the subway, I see lonely people playing guitars
I know it’s hard, you’re not alone
We all have scars
My mind is so chaotic I want to take a trip to mars, never come back
But this is where we’re meant to be
Will you fight it or let it be?
Hold on tight, this is something we will defeat