Side Effects

Regardless of how they make me feel, I must feel comfortable in my own skin

My patience is running out thin

My whole life theme is a sad song while someone plays the violin

They’re acting very demonic, while I’m trying to keep my sins clean

I’m not stopping, I’m fighting until I win

I feel the ecstasy feeling growing within

I’ll drink some gin to get this grin off my face

Once I sober up, I’m on phase two

I hide my face too

I need to escape this tragic place

I wonder what it’s like to live in space, anything is better than catching a case

For too long I felt like I was in a race, but no one was chasing

I was fighting hard for them, they were fighting hard to replace me

Do I want to make mates?

I feel like they can never relate

Our debates don’t end well

I speak my mind and then I wait, but they never understand

When they can’t respect that you’re different, they neglect

I stay alone, because when I make mates, I get all the side effects


I confess, I’m impressed

It’s not the best, but it’s been better than the rest

I was stressed, with you I feel expressed

I suggest, you invest, we put it to the test

It’s not a contest, no rush, no matter how long you take, I won’t neglect

You’re trying, going against all the mess they left

All the hard work you put in, I’ll never forget

I suspect you’re genuine, I respect

You’re so sweet, this feels correct

I can take you to different events

Everyone is nice at first, I’m not sure what to except

I’ll take my time getting undressed

Some people have secret demons they possess

Therefore I won’t fall in love with you until I see you upset

Last Call

Last call to love me

Last call to love me like you did last fall

When everything felt real, when I never second guessed our love

Last call for you to tell me what you really want

I’m tired of feeling small, I’m putting up a wall

It wasn’t this way before

Last call to treat me right

All the old memories from my thought patterns I’ve uninstalled

Can’t keep playing them in my mind while you’re still playing games

Last chance to tell me you were mine

Do you recall when you’d stare at me and tell me I was too fine?

Somehow overtime the translation got lost

You won’t admit it has come to an end, while I see our memories slip through the cracks

7 Days

You love me on Monday

Tell me you miss me on Tuesday

On Wednesday you call me, we speak for hours on the phone, I don’t feel alone

But by Thursday you start to get distanced

On Friday you rarely text me, were you lying when you said you missed me?

By Saturday you’ve gone completely MIA

Hit me up again on Sunday when you’ve settled in your bed, tell me you’ve been thinking about me…

On Monday I believe you

On Tuesday I tell you that I also miss you

On Wednesday I’m glad we spoke on the phone, I don’t feel alone

By Thursday I begin to wonder if I’ve done something wrong

By Friday I’m devastated blaming myself

I delete your number on Saturday

You text me on Sunday and I save your number again

Very Ironic

I’m weighing my options

Literally fighting myself every day to remove all that is toxic

It must be removed before it becomes chronic

I’ve been hypnotized by darkness

Trust me, if it completely consumes you, you become heartless

I’m weighing my options

I don’t want to feel like the rest, I need to feel a bit exotic

It keeps me alive, in the darkness I’m an alcoholic, in the light I research different topics

Psychotic before I’m ever demonic

I’m weighing my options because I’m never losing my logic

Sometimes chaotic, sometimes erotic but never ever obnoxious

I won’t let my mind and actions turn robotic

My life is usually a comic, but I take it seriously, it’s very ironic

Triggered pain

I hear sirens at distance

My mind becomes nonexistence

I grab my first cup of coffee…

I take my first sip, my mind spins, my thoughts get foggy

All because I think of you, I hear the sirens and I get triggered

I remember all the pain you delivered, the way my thoughts you would injure

My passion for you died, you were the killer

Yet you always called me a sinner

Because I didn’t allow you to make me feel like a loser

You thought I would never leave because I loved you

But believe me, the love I had for myself was way bigger

On Christmas day (XMAS edition)

We barely see each other on other days
But I appreciate you on Christmas day

The pain we’ve caused each other doesn’t even matter on this day
When you tell me you love me, I believe what you say

We get together and we pray
We get together and the amazing food we slay

We barely see each other on other days
But on Christmas day you assure me you’re okay

Everyone is so cheerful, from the Christmas tree to the display
I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way