Do you

Do you know how many times I’ve tried to measure your words, measure your vibe to make sure they were authentic? Do you know how hard it was to love you? I was always under pressure, the guilt kicked in from both sides Do you know how hard it was to sometimes please you? I always pleased you, but you always wanted more pleasure Do you know how many times I’ve tried to keep us together? Always catered to you, even when you didn’t deserve it Do you know how many times you promised you would love me forever?Each time … Continue reading Do you


Been through so much I thought I was only destined to failI was stuck for so long because I didn’t debate itMy soul was waiting for instructions but my mind was chaoticI was trying to set myself free but I was in a hypnotic state Sometimes it was so toxic it almost felt demonicSometimes it hurt for so long, I thought it was chronicSo much pain, at times I laughed, it felt like a comicI tried to wrap my head around it, but I couldn’t find the logicI tried to bring it attention, but my thoughts would change the topic Happiness was … Continue reading Incarcerated


Tonight, kill me with passionTonight, I’ll let you mute my speechTonight, there is no doubting, there’s only strictly laughterGo one night without neglecting my presenceGo one night without the uncleanliness of your true selfTonight, pretend that you love meCharm my soul tonight, even it’s just a frontCalm my mind tonight, even if it’s just with a ton of liesTonight, just for tonight, tell me you love meI need a mental breakJust for one night, I need to feel alive Continue reading Tonight

Under the moonlight

His glances are timid in the daytimeActing suspicious like he committed a crimeHis smile is barely a smileWhispers in her ear that he loves her while he slowly distances himself from her As the sun sets, he gets closer to herHe was distanced before, now he slowly approaches herHe is now moving in towards her in slow motionPlaying with her emotions He loves her dearly, but isn’t ready to admit it to himselfHe continues to love her in the shadowsThey’ll keep dancing under the moonlightUntil he loves himself in pure light firstUntil they’re ready to dance in the sunlight too Continue reading Under the moonlight

Fighting immortal thoughts

Immortal soul, trying to make it into the portal of lifeI enter the wrong one, now I’m stuck in a cloudWalking around a space crowded with thoughtsSome of these I can be proud of, but most of these I cannot allowI introduce myself to each one and then they slowly get murderedAs I murder them slowly, I am getting furtherThe more corrupted the thought is, the stronger it is, the harder to kill, but I am determinedSome of these thoughts are immortal and they do not die, but if I cannot kill them, I must at least silence themI keep … Continue reading Fighting immortal thoughts

Respect the surname

I was minding my business when you came I was worried about myself when you cameWhen you came with no shame Acting like I’m supposed to remember your nameBut all I can think about is what you becameYou showed your true colors, it’s the ending of your gameYou hurt me, yet you are trying to give me the blame, it’s so lameI stay in silent, you exclaim, but you have nothing to claimYou started war, never wanting to play a fair gameIn trying to hurt me, you framed yourselfI bet you feel inflamedBut you started this, you tried to mess … Continue reading Respect the surname

Don’t wake the dragon

Don’t poke the dragonYou see it sleeping and you want to disturb it You want to awaken it, and when it attacks, you can’t curb itIt upsets you, you’re so caught up in blaming the dragon And you don’t realize that you awakened itIt was at peace and you disturbed itSometimes we get attacks and we deserve it Be ready to put up a fight and reverse the damageThe buildup anger, now you get to witness all the roars the universe never heardIf you was curious you should’ve observed but you poked it Continue reading Don’t wake the dragon


Transitioning into enlightenmentPositioning my mind uprightConditioning my mind to properly copeAuditioning for better life rolesRe-positioning and aligning myselfDistancing from all that does not serve meListening to motivational podcastsNot going to front, sometimes I feel like an outcastConstantly visiting my highest powerSignaling my vibe to charge entirelyTickling sensations through my body as my energy circulates Stillness, stiffens all the bad energy and it explodesStillness, thickens the positive energy and it growsI learned that when I’m feeding into chaos, I limit all my sensors I can’t move, only witness, it can lead me into some serious illnessRichness of good energy rejuvenates my … Continue reading Transition


I’m not stressing you, her or himI’m not messing with you, her or himI’m not doing it for you, her or himI’m not fooling you, her or him If it’s between you and me, I’m choosing meToo much of me I gave and barely got anything in returnI’m going in full friction until it burnsWhat remains, I’ll use it on myselfYou want my love? You’ll have to wait your turn“She is focused on herself”, now she’s selfishIt’s called self-love, I’m loving myself firstI’ll love y’all later when it’s y’all turnI’m turning cold. NeverI’m just tired of sharing all my energy … Continue reading SELF-LOVE