Away from you

Suspended the thoughts of being dependent on you
You’re reaching, my nerves you’ve extended
Long time ago this love ended because you always had evil vibes to attend to
Let’s not pretend the vibe is still alive, my heart you’ve offended
This was never intended by me; you had all the fault in this
I tried, many times I defended you
All you did was invent lies and pretend, you’re such an amazing actor
I no longer wanted to accept it
The disrespect you showed me, affected my mental state
It’s my fault because I let you enter
Why didn’t I detect earlier that your heart was infected?
I never neglected you, always protected you
I invested so much love in you, corrected all your wrongs
Meanwhile you pay me back by injecting lies through my veins
I’ve had enough I’m protesting
You had me in a mental arrest, always testing my patience
I’ve had enough, today I know where I’m headed

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