Been through so much I thought I was only destined to fail
I was stuck for so long because I didn’t debate it
My soul was waiting for instructions but my mind was chaotic
I was trying to set myself free but I was in a hypnotic state
Sometimes it was so toxic it almost felt demonic
Sometimes it hurt for so long, I thought it was chronic
So much pain, at times I laughed, it felt like a comic
I tried to wrap my head around it, but I couldn’t find the logic
I tried to bring it attention, but my thoughts would change the topic
Happiness was almost forgotten
My thoughts turned somewhat robotic
Was it psychotic? I miss those thoughts that were once exotic
Incarcerated while I waited to be set free
Incarcerated while I hated my thoughts
Suffering while I’m trying to connect the dots
I’m taking the shots, I’m on a mission to set myself free

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