Transitioning into enlightenment
Positioning my mind upright
Conditioning my mind to properly cope
Auditioning for better life roles
Re-positioning and aligning myself
Distancing from all that does not serve me
Listening to motivational podcasts
Not going to front, sometimes I feel like an outcast
Constantly visiting my highest power
Signaling my vibe to charge entirely
Tickling sensations through my body as my energy circulates

Stillness, stiffens all the bad energy and it explodes
Stillness, thickens the positive energy and it grows
I learned that when I’m feeding into chaos, I limit all my sensors

I can’t move, only witness, it can lead me into some serious illness
Richness of good energy rejuvenates my body
Richness with a good heart, transitions my soul
A fit body, a still mind, they become one

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