Hiding something behind that smile

I really love your style but sometimes I think you’re hiding something behind that smileShould we try? Sign up for a trial?When I get lonely your number, I dialYou want to know when was the last I trusted someone? It’s been a whileI love being around you because the vibe is never hostile With our love we can write a romantic novelOr it can become a horror story, all the feelings get bottledWhen we get into a fight, my mind wants to travelYou’re a sweetheart when you’re smilingBut when the smile goes away, I can feel the heat from the lava Continue reading Hiding something behind that smile

How to summon a demon

How to summon a demonIt’s quite common to lose your freedomWhen you’re tired of the pain and you turn evilYour mind becomes so chaotic you need to go under treatment How to summon a demonWhen you don’t take care of yourselfWhen your mind and soul can’t come to an agreementIt starts to weaken everything you believed in How to summon a demonWhen you’re getting beaten every day by your own thoughts, can’t get anything acrossWhen you’re hurting other people’s feelings for no reasonSometimes we need it, but for the most part it’s best if you leave it sleeping Continue reading How to summon a demon