I’m ready

I’ve been feeling alone so I rely on my blunt, my lighter, a notepad and a pen
I’m ready
I’ve been losing my patience, it’s crazy
At some point I started to feel numb
Trying to vent to friends, they say they’re on their way and they never come

I feel alone, my sanity is in danger
My patience is as light as a feather
It wasn’t this hard when I was a teenager
I’m trying to go at the same speed of nature
They want me as an entertainer but when I need them, they act like strangers
I keep to myself as a reminder

Made up personalities because I needed friends
They were made up and still more genuine than them
Tried to share my space with what I thought was sincere and authentic
I gave them my all and they gave me nothing but lessons
I have my blunt, my lighter, a notepad and a pen
I’m ready…

2 responses to “I’m ready”

  1. Love it. . . when sometimes writing can seem as your only friend. ..

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