Would you rather

Would you rather have me around? I leave you alone while I gather my thoughts Would you rather discover the truth? Uncover lies? Or would you rather keep to yourself, put the lies back in the shelves Seal them in books, I know you rather that I don’t look, you’re shook   Would you rather not have me around? I tried to leave one time and in tears you almost drowned Would you rather I leave town so that you tell everyone I let you down? I know you’d rather I step down Just because you didn’t treat me like … Continue reading Would you rather

Lovesick ghost

Lovesick ghostTell them who is the one who loves you the mostAll this time you should’ve been taking notesYou’ve had many visitors, but I am the host Love, sick, ghostDo I stick with it? Do I let you go?I loved you, but your love made me sickIt was either love me or leave me, but you never pickedYou were so silent it almost felt like I was dating a ghost Sick ghost loveYou never loved me up-closeAnd that really blowsYou acted like I was against you, but I only made you glow A ghost sick of lovePraying for the one from aboveI should’ve … Continue reading Lovesick ghost