Away from you

Suspended the thoughts of being dependent on you
You’re reaching, my nerves you’ve extended
Long time ago this love ended because you always had evil vibes to attend to
Let’s not pretend the vibe is still alive, my heart you’ve offended
This was never intended by me; you had all the fault in this
I tried, many times I defended you
All you did was invent lies and pretend, you’re such an amazing actor
I no longer wanted to accept it
The disrespect you showed me, affected my mental state
It’s my fault because I let you enter
Why didn’t I detect earlier that your heart was infected?
I never neglected you, always protected you
I invested so much love in you, corrected all your wrongs
Meanwhile you pay me back by injecting lies through my veins
I’ve had enough I’m protesting
You had me in a mental arrest, always testing my patience
I’ve had enough, today I know where I’m headed

Conscious or not

Living doll, electrical darkness
She doesn’t know what’s real, she is not sure if she’s dreaming
Everyone around her seems so insensitive, she thinks she has entered into a nightmare
Visiting this place was a mistake
This is not how she envisioned her story
Supreme light, kind soul
Alive, or asleep
She will not change for them
Logical conscious, absurd thoughts
She fights herself every day to stay alive
She has no space to worry about the corruption of others


Chilling, on Thanksgiving Day
Missing out on all the negative vibes
Wishing to be grateful for all that I have
Receiving apologies, all is forgiven
Willing to put up a fight for the positive vibes
Grateful for all my winnings
Dismissing all the bad thoughts
Transmitting all my good energy as I rise
Relieving all the pain
I’m grateful, never quitting
I’m grateful, for new beginnings
Never tripping, I prefer sipping, kidding
I’m grateful, for picking the right path
I’m stable, I’m able
I’ll master whatever you put on the table
Sometimes forgetful, but never unfaithful, regretful
I’m grateful, appreciative, playful, gainful
Chilling, on Thanksgiving Day
Missing out on all the negative vibes
Wishing to be grateful for all that I have

Peacefully Coping

Hesitation crawling in
It’s time for a reflection
If I won’t stop suffering, I’ll at least learn how to cope through it

It’s a wildlife in my mind
Pressed, hoping to get into paradise
Patience is the key, to unlock it, is my pleasure

Prisoner to my thoughts
Must find the remedy
Not acting on impulses
Magnetic waves, silent mind, my qi flows peacefully

Goodbye (food prompts)

I loved you every second of the day
You only loved me on taco Tuesdays
I carried all our weight, while you were too busy being afraid
You cook her 5 star meals, and I only get pizza
I’m trying to finish the puzzle but I have all the wrong pieces
My love decreases, my anger increases
I gave you all of me and you didn’t even give me half
You asked what’s for dinner, I order myself a burger
You crossed the line, this love you have murdered

Dance with the shadow

You can’t run from the shadow, but you can invite it to dance
I want to meet my dark side, now is my chance
Sometimes it sneaks up on me, but I want to have control
When the darkness is in control, I sink into a hole
I forget how to be whole
You can’t run from the shadow, but you can invite it to dance
Just have to plan in advance
The darkness will grow, but your light you must enhance
It’s hard to control, but you can at least block the attacks
You can’t run from the shadows, but you can invite it to dance
Don’t hide from it, but don’t become it
Observe it, get to know it, but never let it control you


More than just a body
Rich, thick soul
My memories of you are getting old
Sometimes my heart is cold
I’m outspoken but sometimes I fold
After removing your pain, my soul I must mold
I usually do the opposite of what I’ve been told
My energy is sometimes rotten, but my soul forever remains gold
Free spirit, I got a ticket to paradise
I stay wide awake during the ride, don’t want any surprise
I fought hell for this but it’s a nice price
Gave up on you and all that doesn’t serve me, most of it felt like a sacrifice
At first it was hard to decide
Wasn’t sure how to explain what I was feeling inside
Your energy did not satisfy me, it paralyzed me
Not sure how I survived, hurting in disguise
It was easy saying goodbye
More than anything, I wanted to feel alive