Promise me good intentions


Your lips are such a blessing

One touch, you enlighten my essence

I’m on a mission to keep your attention

I have a few suggestions

Because I’ve been in depression

But you make me feel a love compression

Opened to my expressions

I’m scared at first, but you give me good impressions

You have good intentions

Never had a feeling of deception

Never had a feeling of aggression

I have a confession

I promise it’s not an obsession

I wouldn’t mind taking a few love lessons

We can set up a love pension

Lead me in the right direction

Because I feel a connection

You’ve answered all of my questions

It feels safe to know I have your love protection

Over until I’m sober

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I’ve been hurt over and over but it just made me doper

I’m a joker, sometimes a smoker

I like to feel high but sometimes I feel lower

My mind is on a 1000 but my heart beat is slower

I’m counting my breaths over and over

I try to heal over and over but sometimes I feel broker, I let myself fall, and cause such an exposure

I try to smile but my poker face is steady

Can’t show my true feelings, what a disgrace, I thought I was ready

My mind needs space, old feelings with new ones I need to replace

Tired of feeling misplaced

The speed is getting quicker and my mind is still at the same pace

I trace back the damage, thinking of everything that once made me feel mediocre

I’ll know that I’ve reached enlightenment when I don’t feel the same hurt once I’m sober


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Right now I’m livid

I can’t believe the uncleanliness of your soul

You were so angelic, you let the world turn you cold, you’ve now turned wicked

You refuse to listen and my words you’ve twisted

You met a gal so timid, she was willing to break out of her shell, and she was ready to be committed

Your spirit she always lifted, even if it caused her sickness

All your pain to her you transmitted yet you’re the victim

You should be convicted, her love you have restricted

This wasn’t predicted by her vivid dreams

She can’t forgive herself for allowing it

So now her tears have thickened and her thoughts are limited

You dressed up Angelic, made her fall and awakened your demonic side

She lost herself to your angelic face, to your wicked soul

Simply Coping


I’ve been slipping

The tears keep dripping

My anger is flipping out of control

Waiting for someone to come make me feel whole

We’ve all been through some shit

Consuming pain bit by bit

It sometimes makes you want to quit

Take in that energy and transmit it

When you soak it in, you can deliver it, admit it

It will soak you in if you’re not committed

You split yourself from other people because you need time to sit and think

You need time for your mind to sink

Deep in thoughts, trying to come across open minded

I’m guided, sometimes divided

Grounded, counting my breaths

Sometimes I am chaotic, sensitive, competitive but beneath I am genuine, feminine, sensual

I want to freely love you but I first need to learn to simply cope

Actions Predicted

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My words you’ve always twisted

Is that what you always wished for?

It’s because of your expressions that I discovered your wicked moves

And you never wanted to improve

Your words are almost like liquid, your words spill and overflow

But the sounds that come with it are super low

They were never nice words

By the time I start my first drink, you’re already on your third

I’m trying to play it cool and the pot you already stirred

I used to love you up close now I don’t even love you from a distance

Every time you drank your whole energy shifted

God forbid I needed assistance 

You were addicted

You act up, blame me, our actions you’ve twisted

Let’s be realistic

You had a plan but this was already predicted

Help me stand


Let’s go hang and chill
Go to the ice cream stand for a little
I just want a taste of your love, for real
I don’t have to explain myself because you know the deal
You make me feel, this feeling is ideal
The feeling is surreal, it’s so good, it feels unreal
You’ve helped me heal
It’s nice to know I don’t stand alone
My hand you love to hold
I was told my heart was old and cold
It was ready to be sold, but
You’ve helped me mold my heart
You’ve helped me turn it gold
I’m glad I don’t stand alone


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I’m doing my best

There is no resting until I figure it out

When I move ahead, I often get caught up in a set up

But I’m going to keep on testing my abilities

Playing with the melodies to reach tranquility

Suggesting better strategies, feeding my creativity

My pain is strong but every time it hits me I get even stronger

Some pain I’ve become immune to, some I’ve released and some pain still drowns me

Sometimes I want to vent, but I’m tired of venting, sometimes it feels so unsettling

Wrestling darkness, protecting my spirit

Old soul, old beliefs, still believes in old tricks

Don’t want to relieve old trips, sometimes I slip, I bite my lip, it grips my soul, I have no control

But when the darkness strips off my skin, that’s a trip I’m trying to stay in