Stay in your lane

What’s the issue?
You’re worried about me and I don’t even remember your name
It’s kind of lame
You think our mentality is the same
I stay in my lane, that’s the difference
You’re trying to pass me but your lane is unattended, when people try to steal it, you get offended
I’m not sure what you expected
You’re worried about other people’s journeys and your ship is sinking
So it got me thinking, while you’re sad drinking
Thinking where it all went wrong
Hoping you remain strong
You gave me all your energy just because you’re trying to be my enemy
You defeated yourself in doing so
Not one time did I stop to check on you, I was busy on my sight, even when I sunk, I learned how to swim, you’re trying to mimic me, I’m using all my limbs
You were too busy focused on me, even tried to take him from me, you can have him
I stay in the gym, I also stay slim
I’m worried about me, I’m not worried about him, or you
You were too focused on me, you got screwed
And I grew…

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