New Beginning

thumbnail (4).png

Have you ever felt like you needed to shout?
You open your mouth, and nothing comes out?
But tears start to flow, when you’re trying to hide them, they run really slow
You hold in so much emotion, one day you explode, you’re on a different mode
And you think it’s random, it came out of nowhere, it’s a heavy load
Tears still running in slow motion plus the bottled-up emotions
That were left unsaid, the times you wanted to speak, but you got shut down
The times you wanted to cry, but you were alone
No one to give you a hug, no one to miss
What do you do when you need a genuine kiss?
A simple touch, someone sane, someone to help you through the pain
The bottled-up emotions eating away your personality
Stuck in a certain mentality, defining morality
Create a new beginning, create your own reality

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