Promise me good intentions


Your lips are such a blessing

One touch, you enlighten my essence

I’m on a mission to keep your attention

I have a few suggestions

Because I’ve been in depression

But you make me feel a love compression

Opened to my expressions

I’m scared at first, but you give me good impressions

You have good intentions

Never had a feeling of deception

Never had a feeling of aggression

I have a confession

I promise it’s not an obsession

I wouldn’t mind taking a few love lessons

We can set up a love pension

Lead me in the right direction

Because I feel a connection

You’ve answered all of my questions

It feels safe to know I have your love protection

4 responses to “Promise me good intentions”

  1. The whole poem is great. But the first two lines just pull you right it. . .

    1. I appreciate your comment💕

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