Over until I’m sober

thumbnail (2).png

I’ve been hurt over and over but it just made me doper

I’m a joker, sometimes a smoker

I like to feel high but sometimes I feel lower

My mind is on a 1000 but my heart beat is slower

I’m counting my breaths over and over

I try to heal over and over but sometimes I feel broker, I let myself fall, and cause such an exposure

I try to smile but my poker face is steady

Can’t show my true feelings, what a disgrace, I thought I was ready

My mind needs space, old feelings with new ones I need to replace

Tired of feeling misplaced

The speed is getting quicker and my mind is still at the same pace

I trace back the damage, thinking of everything that once made me feel mediocre

I’ll know that I’ve reached enlightenment when I don’t feel the same hurt once I’m sober

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