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Right now I’m livid

I can’t believe the uncleanliness of your soul

You were so angelic, you let the world turn you cold, you’ve now turned wicked

You refuse to listen and my words you’ve twisted

You met a gal so timid, she was willing to break out of her shell, and she was ready to be committed

Your spirit she always lifted, even if it caused her sickness

All your pain to her you transmitted yet you’re the victim

You should be convicted, her love you have restricted

This wasn’t predicted by her vivid dreams

She can’t forgive herself for allowing it

So now her tears have thickened and her thoughts are limited

You dressed up Angelic, made her fall and awakened your demonic side

She lost herself to your angelic face, to your wicked soul

3 responses to “Wicked”

  1. Wow. . . the last two lines. . . so powerful. . .

      1. You’re Welcome! Seems I have been finding myself on your blog a lot the last few days!

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