Actions Predicted

untitled design

My words you’ve always twisted

Is that what you always wished for?

It’s because of your expressions that I discovered your wicked moves

And you never wanted to improve

Your words are almost like liquid, your words spill and overflow

But the sounds that come with it are super low

They were never nice words

By the time I start my first drink, you’re already on your third

I’m trying to play it cool and the pot you already stirred

I used to love you up close now I don’t even love you from a distance

Every time you drank your whole energy shifted

God forbid I needed assistance 

You were addicted

You act up, blame me, our actions you’ve twisted

Let’s be realistic

You had a plan but this was already predicted

One response to “Actions Predicted”

  1. Nice one. . . a drink can change a lot about what someone says. . .

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