I can still smell her fragrance on your shirt

Do you have to be under surveillance? 

To stop the flirt

To stop the dirt

Supreme light of promises

That you would treat me like a Goddess 

That’s a modest thought 

But I don’t think it’s an honest one

Your lies would be flawless if you would keep them 

I was unaware I was a temp

You sold me exotic dreams

While smoking hemp

Told me no one ever loved you

I promised I was here to love you

How can I give you my trust?

When I don’t even know if it’s lust

I left and now you’re lonely

They’re all giving you sex

And running back to their ex

They’re all giving you sex

And expecting their checks

You’re giving them specs

And lost my respect

It’s cool for a while

Until you’re alone in your room

When they pay you no mind

And you’re craving my love

That I once provided

You decided

And now we’re divided

And it doesn’t even matter

Because it was always one-sided

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