Heal Safely

I’m trapped, wrapped in old scraps I’ve snapped too many times No matter how many bud I wrap I still haven’t found the right remedy to heal So I kneel and cry and I’m stuck in the “why” Why am I still going through this? Why haven’t I yet healed? I’m wide aware of my pain I’m highly aware that I need to change I know the cause I just can’t figure out how to fix it I know who caused it, and while I’m in pain, they’re out there happily living How do you heal when you were exposed … Continue reading Heal Safely

I don’t know what to say

Late night spring I let the phone ring and ring I wasn’t in the mood to speak, but I had no voice anyway I pretend that I’m present but my mind is very far away Trying to walk in straight lines, but I keep tripping I’m hiding, they’re worried   I let the phone ring and ring Because I don’t know what to say That I’ve had better days?  That I’ve been feeling betrayed?  I can’t explain it, because I don’t even know myself  I’ve been trying to just go with the flow The flow is catching speed and I … Continue reading I don’t know what to say

Occupied Mind

My mind is occupied I try to relive some memories, but they slowly die My breath is tied because my mind is not currently wide I’ve tried, I’ve cried I’ve experienced both sides Sometimes I ride, sometimes I slide, sometimes I dive, it doesn’t matter how I get there if my memories are fried Sometimes I confront it, other times I must hide I take pride in saying I don’t need to lie to get what I want Some days I am satisfied of how far I’ve come, other days I am terrified Glorified, qualified So many different sides It’s … Continue reading Occupied Mind

Renewed Ending

I’ve tried to forget you, but I can’t get you of my head I thought the memories of you were ending But they’re still present and alive It’s been my weakest design I’m staying up late at night praying for signs I’ve been thinking so much about you it’s getting out of line I thought I would be fine I thought this was the ending My thoughts of forgetting you, my mind has declined If I can’t forget you on my own, I’ll need the assistance of wine Get intoxicated, I try to breathe and feel suffocated I think of … Continue reading Renewed Ending

Destroying Comfort Zone

Unbearable pain Enormous reproach Negative movements approached I’m trying to maintain I’m processing all the chaos in my brain Counting the loses and the gains Do I keep going or do I give up? I keep climbing and falling Sometimes the air is so toxic I can hardly breathe, other times it’s so calming Tell me you love me, but you fail to please me I just wanted you to release me Sometimes I want to take action, but my mind disagrees It makes a pact with my body and it doesn’t move I want to be better, but my … Continue reading Destroying Comfort Zone


Elegant and suspicious Rebellious and unable to distinguish reality from dreams Living in different themes She supported her own intelligence so much, she ignored suggestions Her explanations were always sustainable She was strong but was mechanically giving in to the world around her She doesn’t fear being alone She remained persistent in loving herself Purely organic spiritualism She wants to be involved in some extraordinary activities But keeps running into mischievous acts So she removes herself from all the noise She hides and silences her voice It feels like she has no choice Continue reading Choice

Bitter Design

Reverse, take two steps back and redefine what you just said Just like that you crushed my vision For a second I almost thought you were too fine But you opened your mouth and you crossed the line Please, please redefine what you just said So you can excite my soul once again even if it’s just for a second Because I was just about to call you divine Almost asked you to be mine But you opened your mouth and you crossed the line You keep hitting me with all these signs The ones I chose to decline Again … Continue reading Bitter Design

If I was a kid again

If I was a kid again I would tell you to treat her different I don’t like the way you treated her I advised her to leave you every day Told her not to worry about me I was a child back then But anyone knew, it was easy to see   The way you were treating her I felt like you were beating her But you weren’t even touching her Your words were power to her But always powerless to me You didn’t tell her you loved her Never brought her flowers Rare occasions did I see you speak … Continue reading If I was a kid again

Silent Words

Fear paralyzed me and I froze I’m witnessing it and I can’t let go We’re listening only to respond We don’t want to set our focus on the words So they flow into space, they flow into nothingness We’re being told to hold back But when you hold back you stay in the dark Lack of exposing our expressions Lack of expressing our emotions It hurts my soul that people are hurting quietly They’re stuck in a cycle of darkness and I can’t bring them light because they won’t express themselves We are healers and we also need to be … Continue reading Silent Words