Grow some

grow some.png

You called my phone

Tell me you need some time

You are working full-time

Your only free time is lunch time

And I sit there sipping my wine

Laughing at your pathetic excuse

You must think I’m just as confused

As the chick I saw you last night with

I’m sorry, did you not know that I knew? 

Your boy smith blew up my phone with pics

Then proceeded to ask me for flicks 

Texting me “forget him, he is with another chick”

I call your phone, she picks up

And you click

Tell me again how you don’t have time

Tell me again why you said straight up lies

You’re not hurting me

You’re annoying me

How you can’t be straight up

How you can’t grow some balls

2 responses to “Grow some”

  1. Hey,I enjoyed this,it’s well written!

    1. Why thank you so much! I appreciate your comment💕

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