Heal Safely


I’m trapped, wrapped in old scraps

I’ve snapped too many times

No matter how many bud I wrap

I still haven’t found the right remedy to heal

So I kneel and cry and I’m stuck in the “why”

Why am I still going through this?

Why haven’t I yet healed?

I’m wide aware of my pain

I’m highly aware that I need to change

I know the cause I just can’t figure out how to fix it

I know who caused it, and while I’m in pain, they’re out there happily living

How do you heal when you were exposed to that pain on a daily?

How do you heal without feeling crazy?

Lately I’ve been greatly messed up

All because I’m trying to get rid of the cause that is making me feel shady

I had a clear mind, but lately it‘s been wavy

I know the cause, I’m trying to reach peace with myself, but I need to do it safely

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