Destroying Comfort Zone


Unbearable pain

Enormous reproach

Negative movements approached

I’m trying to maintain

I’m processing all the chaos in my brain

Counting the loses and the gains

Do I keep going or do I give up?

I keep climbing and falling

Sometimes the air is so toxic I can hardly breathe, other times it’s so calming

Tell me you love me, but you fail to please me

I just wanted you to release me

Sometimes I want to take action, but my mind disagrees

It makes a pact with my body and it doesn’t move

I want to be better, but my mind doesn’t approve

And that’s when the battle begins

It’s fighting for comfort

It’s fighting for what it already knows

It wants to hold on to what it’s used to

But I’m trying to move out that comfort zone

I want change

I’m fighting for overall success

I get my mind high and it gets distracted

I go into space and my thoughts surprise me

I approach it timidly and I reached an epiphany

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