Speak your mind


I’m sick and tired of being misunderstood

You call me stubborn; I just know what I want, there’s a difference

You like to hold in, I speak my mind, it’s a matter of preference

You think I’m not nice because I speak my mind or maybe you call me emotional

The way you think, to me, it’s so irrational

I’m not sure what you think about your mind, but my thoughts are valuable

They can become either extremely tragical or extremely magical

That’s why my mind I won’t let you shut

I’m not saying that what I’m saying is the truth, I’m just saying I’ll always say the truth about how I feel

I’m not scared, it’s not a big deal, my thoughts and words you will never steal

I’ll keep expressing until I heal

I’m real, it’s so surreal how many people don’t appreciate realness

I’m not sure if it’s a weakness or an illness

I just know that when I speak my mind my tongue feels the sweetness