(A) very sad story

(B)ecause you left me alone

(C)an’t explain it myself

(D)id you choose to do this?

(E)ventually you’ll notice the damage you caused

(F)rankly, you never gave a fuck to apologize

(G)lorious Angels would fall from the sky

(H)ow come it’s so hard for you to apologize?

(I) thought you were such a genuine soul

(J)ustice I deserve

(K)nowing I loved you, you still hurt me

(L)oving me was never a choice

(M)ade me look and feel so foolish

(N)ot caring about the thoughts in my head

(O)f course it taught me a lesson

(P)robably from so much pain

(Q)uestions arise in my head each day

(R)easons really hard to explain

(S)ad songs playing in the radio

(T)omorrow is a new day

(U)nclear about when the pain will faint

(V)isions are now changed

(W)ithout you I’ll get ahead

(X)enophobia is what you felt

(Y)ou were never worth my time

(Z)ap! just like that my energy has changed

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