I feel so imbalanced

standing up straight is a challenge

staying balanced sometimes requires a talent

when you go through things

it can either damage you

or turn you into a savage

learn to move on and get rid of your baggage

learn to rebalance

and rewrite your own passage



You took a treasure

stopped her from becoming a successor

made her feel lesser

but tell her she was clever

you knew what you were doing

you were such a seller

you knew when you met her

you would get her

and then you led her

wouldn’t let her leave your side

she was to be your ride or die

your soon to be bride

but your pride was tied

you hid him

you killed him

the ancient you

who no longer was vacant

you were like a soulless agent

your soul was taken

and never awakened

you became impatient

you were present

but your soul was forsaken

Loving Blindly


Sweet and sensual affirmations

he would whisper in her ear

to attract her

to attract her soul

despite his rebellious reason

she low key fell for it

humble dream, exquisite unreality

the atmosphere trembled

it was hard to breathe

her presence she was losing

to his selfish needs

inexperienced in peace

experienced in hell

at first it was hard to tell

judgment rapidly loses it’s ability when you fall in love

unfortunate soul

affecting victims

those who love blindly

feel the sword

Summer Evenings


Summer evenings
I’m home alone
tears streaming
I think this is how you heal
I need to find a better way to deal
you tell me you love
and treat me like you hate me
abrupt contradictions
inexplicable drunkenness of emotions
summer evenings
everyone is enjoying the beautiful day
while I’m wishing for the day to end
to go to sleep, and not feel, tired of this healing process
the thought of you promising me love
but never allowing me to access your heart
left me in a tempered glass
watching it all, but never feeling touching
never coming close
summer evenings come and go
and I still haven’t learned to let go

Time travel to yesterday


I wish I could time travel to just yesterday
because just yesterday you told me that you adored me
today I felt like I bored you
you just wanted to score me
I was pleading you for attention
I had better luck getting in another dimension
I wish I could time travel to just yesterday
because just yesterday my heart wasn’t feeling this tension
suffering from a sudden love suspension
My affection has been detached
My emotions have been dispatched
I need a love extension
did I forget to mention
I wish I could time travel to just yesterday
because just yesterday you were holding my hand
we made love in the sand
I guess I left this part unplanned
If I could time travel to yesterday I wouldn’t of met you



You never wanted anything serious

that’s why you always acted so damn mysterious

but you fell in love with her pretty little waist

you knew she was a good girl but her time you still wanted to waste

you could’ve replaced her quick

before you made her sick

you could’ve picked someone with the same goal as you

but you knew

and you still sat there and watched as her feelings grew

her feelings you withdrew

always telling her she was beautiful while you were alone with her, on replay

but behind her back made fun of her and called her cliche

told your boys you weren’t going to stay

you were only here to play

she was only a display

treated her a certain way

then when you’re ready for love

you wonder why there’s a delay

Me, my soul & my ashtray


You’ve told me that you want me

yet I still felt unwanted

you’ve told me that you need me

but these lies came to haunt me

your mind is irrevocable

it wasn’t unquestionable

that I was eligible for a heartbreak

it’s just me, my soul and my ashtray

in a short break, you gave me a heartache

I picture your face and I get an increase in my heart rate

I get so high, I want to call you, I trip and fall and my phone breaks

I’m not awake

me, my soul, my ashtray and my raw steak

I got a hot plate

I made a hot cake

made some dessert

since I’m here alone

it’s what I deserve

while you go out there and you flirt

I sit here and I hurt

while you’re under her skirt

me, my soul, my ashtray, a glass of wine

I make a toast

you’ve reached the line

this is our deadline

your act has passed

I get that

me, my, soul, my ashtray