Me, my soul & my ashtray


You’ve told me that you want me

yet I still felt unwanted

you’ve told me that you need me

but these lies came to haunt me

your mind is irrevocable

it wasn’t unquestionable

that I was eligible for a heartbreak

it’s just me, my soul and my ashtray

in a short break, you gave me a heartache

I picture your face and I get an increase in my heart rate

I get so high, I want to call you, I trip and fall and my phone breaks

I’m not awake

me, my soul, my ashtray and my raw steak

I got a hot plate

I made a hot cake

made some dessert

since I’m here alone

it’s what I deserve

while you go out there and you flirt

I sit here and I hurt

while you’re under her skirt

me, my soul, my ashtray, a glass of wine

I make a toast

you’ve reached the line

this is our deadline

your act has passed

I get that

me, my, soul, my ashtray

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