My love for you has faded

my taste I have upgraded

got tired of being degraded

my space all the time you invaded

all this fighting has me jaded


I recognize that a lot of people gave me advice

I never listened and now I pay the price

never know what it’ll be like, it’s like playing dice

I tried to add a little spice

and almost got sliced


using your gestures as a guide

to know which side I stand

I’ve been trying to meet you in the middle but you have a divided line

I try to stay on my lane but sometimes I slide


late nights, I fright

in hoping that we don’t get into a fight

when you get home I bite my lips


you lay next to me and try to touch my hips

my tears drip

I try to dip and you begin to flip

your ship is about to seal

and now you want a different script

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