Roofied Feelings

Roofied her thoughts into believing the transparency of his soul was pure their love then was premature still so young and immature attracted by each other’s allure two distinct creatures they became each other’s teachers and preachers overwhelming their new fresh love not realizing they would soon overwhelm that vibe they once referred to as passion because they never showed true compassion it was a lustful illusion a chaotic confusion they thought they were in love but there seem to always be bad diffusion never real love infusions so it led to exclusions Continue reading Roofied Feelings


The butterflies spread the lies all over my body it’s real, I feel it in my bones my neck is stiff, the tendency of holding tension you’re stressing me messing with my mind your performance at lying is terrible you bring me flowers one day and the next day you become violent waves no way I’m sticking around to watch the ending of this show you’re a drunken practitioner instead of healing my heart you’re killing it it’s obvious you were the lead role but I was the one carrying all the heavy roles Continue reading Roles