Converted Energy

It took me a while to open up it took me a while to find my voice that’s why I feel so offended when people try to silence me, my mind you’ll never shut I’m observing, I’m learning, & I’m speaking up I’m standing up for what’s right and I’m never giving up I’ll never again be silenced it took me a long time to find my balance it took me a while to repair the confidence that was once wrecked by injured souls i’m no longer interested in secretly hurting it’s the pain that gets you through brave is … Continue reading Converted Energy

Broken Cassette

I thought we were moving ahead But I see you’re now full of regrets So many things you left unsaid I thought this love was set But you sit there with your cigarette You reject me, you neglect me Your silence torments me You promised you’d never forget me But I see the love decreased to a very small percentage Can we reset Or should I take your actions as a threat Nervously I sweat And I sweat you And I upset you We met long time ago Been getting mixed emotions from long time ago Legit feels like a … Continue reading Broken Cassette

Letting Go

Letting go I don’t know What it feels like My feelings I want to release in open mic Some many feelings bottled up I have a feeling In order to let go My silence I need to break I need to release all my aches I won’t flake anymore I get my pen and my journal, and I sit by the lake There I sit and I write about all my heartbreaks and all the snakes I write about the times I haven’t been awake, in a dark state All the birthday wishes and the birthday cakes Letting go of … Continue reading Letting Go


Peace, serenity looking out for the enemy those who can’t agree to disagree because to them they’re always right if you don’t agree, they are putting up a fight like we don’t have freedom of speech my thoughts differ from yours my sanity I’m trying to preserve but sometimes I witness dark discoveries I struggle to find beauty I’m drowning in pain so, I’ve created an illusion looking for a sacred conclusion I’m reading vibrations not everyone wants to go to paradise but that’s a personal choice it’s not your choice to make if you want to go don’t try … Continue reading Paradise


She was never in that much pain but she catastrophized her symptoms to make him stay she made him think she would feel betrayed she got tired of being slayed she decided she would become the slayer the roles switched and now she was the player his time she wanted to waste his actions she wanted to copy and paste so he could feel what it feels the real tears the feeling of not knowing how to deal how long it takes to heal the feeling is so unreal it can have you missing meals he used to call her … Continue reading Catastrophe


You think your microscopic lies would hurt I think you lie because it helps you cope but you’ve been losing hope I once thought you were dope but you keep tightening your own rope all you do is sit there and mope you act up and blame it on your horoscope delighted? more like I feel ignited my peace is about to catch flames you’re making all these silly claims I don’t even feel the same this is what we became played too many games living in your dreams felt like an error I lived in terror Continue reading Terror

Cancelled Subscription

Be careful who you trust Anyone will throw you under the bus They fucked with you before But when they’re about to win, you become dust Like you never even discussed You were just cool And now they’re feeling fussed It don’t matter if it wasn’t your fault They blame you by default You can choose if you’ll let it faze you Or you can kick it back and maybe blaze I’m not chasing anybody I can go days without the fake gazes I’m not participating in any races I’m my only competition Tired or the personality repetitions The petty … Continue reading Cancelled Subscription


I’m sorry you sometimes pay because of my triggers I’m really trying to go days without feeling bitter I swear you make my days feel sweeter When I flip, it’s because of past slips You give me the best mind trips But I still have monsters in my closets When I see you, I get nervous So I put my hands in my pockets I enjoy your energy deposits I feel flawless around you But once you leave, they still haunt me I breathe and count to three In hoping when I open my eyes they are no longer there … Continue reading Monsters