I feel so violated
I feel like isolating myself
I can’t even begin to ventilate
All this weight pulling me down
Is this my fate
How often I can’t think straight
May I run away to another state
Tired of sitting late at night
Waiting for some sort of light
I keep writing all this out
At times is out of spite
At times is out of fright, out on site
It often blinds my sight
Despite all the delights
Might I add I always invite
All the events in my life to be polite
But I still feel tight, choked, joked
Soaked in feelings
I need to get rid of
Tired of rubbing out my eyelids
Been feeling a way since a kid
God forbid I reached out
It was a bad thing I did
So I hid
Covered it up like lids
And now it’s eating me out
Choking me out
Grabbing me by my throat
I still try to make the most
I keep taking notes
Smoked, reading all these quotes, Diagnosed

Remedies for my memories (Explicit)


These memories are fucking up my zen

I’m in desperate need of some remedies

It’s slowly killing my essence

Like I haven’t learned my lessons

Long time ago

How do I let all this go?

Have you ever felt trapped?

All wrapped up

I need to snap out of it

Fuck it, tuck it, suck it up

It’s time to fuck shit up

I’m done with all this sad shit

All these fucked up memories

They began to control all my energies

To an extremity

It was weakening me

Sickening me

Secreting me

I’ve begun to awaken

I’ve been slowly breaking

All these chains

I no longer want to feel the anger in my veins

I no longer want to feel all this pain

I ain’t no longer fucking with it

If it ain’t gains