You made me feel blue until I grew (Explicit)

Treat me like some random bitch Treat me bad because you know I wont snitch Cheating with random bitches Should I remove all these stitches That you left The pain I detest The pain that I needed to get of my chest The pain that you thought should’ve left me impressed, blessed, expressed But you left me feeling oppressed, depressed In debt I lost the bet You left me a threat I took all that negative energy and I forget Then I insect all the power that’s left I don’t give a fuck if it comes from sweat I’ll sacrifice … Continue reading You made me feel blue until I grew (Explicit)

I’m done with you

You don’t know what’s going on in my mind Nine times out of ten you don’t seem to care How dare me think the opposite Eight times out of nine You told me you were mine It felt so divine Seven times out of eight You made me feel great Never did I debate if it was really a front Don’t deny that six times out of seven You made me feel like we belonged in heaven Now I feel devastated Because five times of out of six You said you would fix your attitude and instead of giving gratitude … Continue reading I’m done with you

Remedies for my memories (Explicit)

These memories are fucking up my zen I’m in desperate need of some remedies It’s slowly killing my essence Like I haven’t learned my lessons Long time ago How do I let all this go? Have you ever felt trapped? All wrapped up I need to snap out of it Fuck it, tuck it, suck it up It’s time to fuck shit up I’m done with all this sad shit All these fucked up memories They began to control all my energies To an extremity It was weakening me Sickening me Secreting me I’ve begun to awaken I’ve been slowly … Continue reading Remedies for my memories (Explicit)