Drill (1).png

Poetry is my therapy

I wouldn’t know what to say

I feel a type of way

But I drink a potion instead

To try to get out of my head

I’m trying to move ahead

Something keeps holding me back

And I feel the slack

My soul turning completely black

How do I reverse it

Maybe I deserve it

I observed it

I’ve confirmed it

But I don’t prefer it

Some days I’m with it

Some days it hits me hard

Some days I quit it

So quick to drop it all

That’s why there’s always a fall

Death Cup

Death cup.png

They breakup

He asks her if they can make up

She feels the set up

She puts on her pretty little makeup

She cleans herself up

She is ready for the closeup

She knows she’s a grown up

And she’s about to blow up

He texts her he wants to link up

He is trying to hook up

Like hold up

What’s the speed up

She knows he is trying to line her up

He thinks he’s slick and gives no heads up

She was trying to build up

He never checked up

She tried to feed him grace cup

But he flipped that shit and turned into a death cup

Entertainment (Explicit)


You catch me looking at another man and now you claim I’m a fan
When I catch you being shady
Now I’m crazy
Oh baby
Tired of the double standard
I’m a queen bitch
You treat me nice or you leave bitch
I’m not reminding you daily
My worth is greatly
I’m a fucking lady
I’m not with the shady shit
My patience is running out in bits
You’re not stopping my mind from getting fit
I spit on your negative vibe
You prove to be unfit
And we split
I’m not just an entertainment
Where you think you can make some arrangements
Where you’re the only one winning
What am I missing
What the fuck are you sipping
What in earth are you thinking
You got me tripping
You call the next chick and call it an entertainment
And just like that you’re a fucking replacement

Mind Tricks


These mind tricks people play

They convince you they’re trying to slay

They convince you every night they pray

They promise you they’ll forever stay

Just as long as you don’t disobey

They make you promise you won’t betray

They make all these rules and you have to be okay

They tell you that they don’t want anything in return

But they make you pay

They don’t care if they upset you

They’re quick to forget you

They don’t know where you come from

Therefore they swear that you’re dumb

They can’t comprehend

Some people get tired of the offense and come to an end

While you’re ignoring them and moving ahead

They are making up all these events in their head

They’re preaching Amen

But worshiping the devil instead

Heart dip

Hello from Iceland!.png

My heart dips as you kiss my lips

You say you have a few tips

But I honestly just want the dress to slip

Maybe a little under the hips

I like your touch

It’s never too much

You say you have trees and a dutch

Roll up, go to brunch, feel a rush

I have a crush

They aren’t feelings I can flush

They aren’t emotions I can shush

You make me blush

I enjoy it so much

Never make me feel untouched

I get mad and then I brush it off

Your vibe is never off

You made me feel blue until I grew (Explicit)


Treat me like some random bitch

Treat me bad because you know I wont snitch

Cheating with random bitches

Should I remove all these stitches

That you left

The pain I detest

The pain that I needed to get of my chest

The pain that you thought should’ve left me impressed, blessed, expressed

But you left me feeling oppressed, depressed

In debt

I lost the bet

You left me a threat

I took all that negative energy and I forget

Then I insect all the power that’s left

I don’t give a fuck if it comes from sweat

I’ll sacrifice if it means ill be set

As of yet

I haven’t felt bad

I actually haven’t had

This type of fun

Actually I never had none

With you

You made me feel blue

Thank God I grew

Out of that

Out of view

I’m done with you


You don’t know what’s going on in my mind

Nine times out of ten you don’t seem to care

How dare me think the opposite

Eight times out of nine

You told me you were mine

It felt so divine

Seven times out of eight

You made me feel great

Never did I debate if it was really a front

Don’t deny that six times out of seven

You made me feel like we belonged in heaven

Now I feel devastated

Because five times of out of six

You said you would fix your attitude

and instead of giving gratitude

Four times out of five

We got into a fight

And three times out of four

You blamed me and didn’t take responsibility for yours

Two times out of three

You blame it again on me

One out of two

I’m done with you