Entertainment (Explicit)


You catch me looking at another man and now you claim I’m a fan
When I catch you being shady
Now I’m crazy
Oh baby
Tired of the double standard
I’m a queen bitch
You treat me nice or you leave bitch
I’m not reminding you daily
My worth is greatly
I’m a fucking lady
I’m not with the shady shit
My patience is running out in bits
You’re not stopping my mind from getting fit
I spit on your negative vibe
You prove to be unfit
And we split
I’m not just an entertainment
Where you think you can make some arrangements
Where you’re the only one winning
What am I missing
What the fuck are you sipping
What in earth are you thinking
You got me tripping
You call the next chick and call it an entertainment
And just like that you’re a fucking replacement

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