You made me feel blue until I grew (Explicit)


Treat me like some random bitch

Treat me bad because you know I wont snitch

Cheating with random bitches

Should I remove all these stitches

That you left

The pain I detest

The pain that I needed to get of my chest

The pain that you thought should’ve left me impressed, blessed, expressed

But you left me feeling oppressed, depressed

In debt

I lost the bet

You left me a threat

I took all that negative energy and I forget

Then I insect all the power that’s left

I don’t give a fuck if it comes from sweat

I’ll sacrifice if it means ill be set

As of yet

I haven’t felt bad

I actually haven’t had

This type of fun

Actually I never had none

With you

You made me feel blue

Thank God I grew

Out of that

Out of view

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