I feel so violated
I feel like isolating myself
I can’t even begin to ventilate
All this weight pulling me down
Is this my fate
How often I can’t think straight
May I run away to another state
Tired of sitting late at night
Waiting for some sort of light
I keep writing all this out
At times is out of spite
At times is out of fright, out on site
It often blinds my sight
Despite all the delights
Might I add I always invite
All the events in my life to be polite
But I still feel tight, choked, joked
Soaked in feelings
I need to get rid of
Tired of rubbing out my eyelids
Been feeling a way since a kid
God forbid I reached out
It was a bad thing I did
So I hid
Covered it up like lids
And now it’s eating me out
Choking me out
Grabbing me by my throat
I still try to make the most
I keep taking notes
Smoked, reading all these quotes, Diagnosed

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