Day: May 26, 2019

What they choose to see (Explicit)

what they choose to see.jpg

We’ve all gone a little mad
Sometimes we feel super sad
Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand
Someone who will help us expand
But sometimes people don’t understand you
And instead of trying, they ban you
And they scan you
And based on their own image of you
All of a sudden they can’t stand you
They don’t understand all the fuckery that’s been building up
All that you’ve witnessed growing up
All the adultery, all the discovery
In a summary
They never gave you a chance
They only judge on what they see
Or what they choose to see
Never do they take time to check up on you
You could’ve been a wreck
They’ll make their own subject
Won’t ever give you the chance to object
They never gave a fuck about the effects