Slowly Tipping


I’m slowly tipping
My mind is tripping
I don’t drink & i feel like drinking
Tired of flipping out
I’m tired & there is no doubt
How could I have allowed
Myself to fallout
To you it’s all about clout
To me it’s about protection
How can you not see the connection
Your actions is a reflection of whats inside
But why must I pay?
Do you think I’m a prey?
Sometimes i’m brave
Other times I sit there and I pray
Is it the attention that you crave?
While I want someone to save me
You’re seeking attention I never gave
And now you claim you can’t behave

From cold to hot

from hot to cold.png

From hot to cold

Sometimes it gets old

Sometimes I keep it controlled

I’ve been told I’m super bold

But sometimes I just want to be held

But I just keep getting mislabeled

Then they act surprised when I’ve rebelled

Like if I’ve been disguised

All this time I’ve been trying to stay alive

Trying to feel better than alright

I’ve been trying to provide

It’s hard to describe

I’ll never deny the pain I’ve been through

It’s helped me survive

Hypnotized sometimes mesmerized

Sometimes its a paradise

Other times it’s a sacrifice