Trance (Explicit)

All by myself (4).png

They met,
She loved Him,
He hurt her,
She cried,
A lot,
Too much,
She healed,
Got over it,
He realized,
He fucked up,
A lot,
Too much,
He tried,
It was too late

Now he is asking for another chance
Asking her out on a dance
She feels like she is stuck in a trance
She needs to escape maybe to France
He is after her like a fan, thirst man
Should’ve loved her when he had the chance
Now he wants to enhance his love for her
When she no longer desires him
When he knows long time ago he killed the fire
She is tired, everyday still getting flyer
Her lit ass attire, while she rewires
All the damage that he had wired
While he was out there being a liar
She was in her room getting higher
Thinking about what transpired
But at the same time
Retiring to his emotions
Thinking she was under some sort of potion
So much commotion
Not enough devotion
All that was left was an explosion
Emotions running deep like a fucking ocean
All in slow motion


If I... (2).png

Once again I’ve been triggered
Every time I think I’m getting fitter

Small things become big things
Brings up memories I don’t want to deal with
Brings up memories I have converted into myths

Fifth time I try to move on
I don’t want to dwell upon it anymore

When I think I’m getting better
I end up writing sick letters

When does it stop
I am really trying my best to stay on top

Can’t seem to find the finish line
I need to align myself
Life line, dead line