Sick games

Sick Games.PNG

Tired of these sick games 

I’m the only one to blame 

My soul is going up in flames

And I so feel ashamed

Maybe this time I wont miss

Tired of clutching up my fists

I sit here and I finally admit

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m about to commit

Sometimes I want to quit, split

But I don’t submit

I’m not that unfit

Yet, wet, upset, forget

Sometimes I’m my own threat, my own sweat, my own regret

Accept, I’m not done yet

Sometimes I neglect 

Other times I perfect

Either way it affects

My mind & my checks

I have to watch my steps

Have to make sure I always keep my flex

No contacts with the ex, sex, obsessed 

Sometimes it’s a mess

I need to distress maybe by the sunset

Undressed, success

I’ll confess no one is ever going to make me feel stressed, less

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