Do I let you in

do i let you in.png

Do I let you in?
Do I leave you out?
Do I risk it all?
Because I’m feeling you
But this won’t be the first time I risk it
Nor the second nor the third
I’m paying attention to your words
Trying to make sure they’re words I’ve never heard
Do you move different?
Do you think different?
Is this really you?
Or is it all an act?
That switch up game
It won’t be the fourth nor the fifth
I’m tired of falling for all these myths
It won’t be the sixth nor the seventh
Mr. smith says he loves me
But he doesn’t know how to show it
Tired of being with it
I’m trying to keep my faith
But this is not the eighth nor the ninth
That I try to hold on because I think it’s real
I want to feel
For the tenth time I have the strength 
And for the eleventh time I’m asking you
Do I let you in?
Do I risk it all?

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