Am I shifting from humanity

am i shifting from humanity.png

I’ve been through things
Trying to cut all these strings
I’ve witnessed, I’ve observed
I’ve served and I’ve curved
I’ve felt pain
I’ve felt the drain
I’ve seen light, I’ve seen dark
I have the mark
I’ve lost sense of what truly matters
Now I appreciate what really matters
Do you get it?
When you say you get it, do you really get it?
You kind of have to live through it, to understand it
Things don’t always happen as you plan it
The Mind tricks
The sick cliques
The Guilt Trips
The sealed lips
The fake scripts
Encrypt messages 
To overcome
The shit one goes through
One must forget,
It’s crucial for ones sanity
It’s crucial for inner peace
This makes no sense
I think I’m going over the fence
These feelings are so dense, intense
Am I going insane?
Was I ever sane?
Where is my sanity
Am I shifting from humanity

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