Can’t trust no one to be my baby


I’m strong but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain
I get through it but that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle
It’s a constant battle in my mind
Do I try to fit in
Do I even care
Somehow I just keep going
There’s a small hesitation but I still keep going
Trying to avoid most of the population
I keep on going
Because this is not it
This can’t be it
I keep hesitating
Trying to keep meditating
Hoping I can soon start elevating
This can’t be it
No doubt
This ain’t it
But somehow, I sometimes ignore it
I need to transform it
Explore it
Become it
I don’t want to become them
I don’t want anything from them
Everyone is always on the run
All I want is some love
But sometimes I feel so numb
Sometimes I feel so dumb
I don’t ask for much
Just for a simple touch
A simple kiss
One I’ll miss
Call you maybe
Love you maybe
Can’t trust no one to be my baby

One response to “Can’t trust no one to be my baby”

  1. It seems you just wrote what is in my mind all this time. That’s the exact same thing that goes on and on in my mind.

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