That bitch Mary Jane

Mary Jane.png

The only bitch he’ll ever love is Mary Jane
she has a green soul
he rolls her up making her feel at home
she got brown skin
very thin, very long
she got white hair flowing like smoke from a chimney
he puts his lips on her without a shame
and then he pulls like it’s his last breath
with his finger on her waist
he inhales her soul
then exhales her thoughts
feeling nice, feeling like she did a great job
he gave her head making it his third pull
she even makes sex feel at it’s best
every time he pulls and exhales he goes deeper into her skin
she is shrinking in his thoughts & her flames are falling off
she is half way ash, half way done
he passes her to the next dude
she gets reused by too many dudes
they all touch her and smoke her and use her until she is long gone
and when she is done, it’s time for round two
same procedures same pulls same feelings
she is gone again but they always look for her again
she plays games and plays with their mind
when they with her they feel high
but even with the damage that she does,
the way she takes them to another world,
she will always be the only bitch they’ll ever love
because that’s that bitch Mary Jane

Loves too hard

She lost herself

downgraded herself

embarrassed herself

destroyed herself

all because she loved too hard

she loved him so much

that she forgot about herself

it’s not his fault

it’s not hers either

she never loved like that before

but she may have went a little too far

she loved too hard

she loved too much

she loved so much that she had no room to love herself

she loves to love, but loves too much

the love controls her

the love weakens her

brings out the ugly in her

all because she loves too much

one minute it’s heaven, one minute it’s hell

the overthinking plays a big role

the overthinking ruins her love

she is suffocating him with her love

she is pushing him away from that love

all because she doesn’t know how to love


I’m scared because

So much darkness

Clouds my space

It’s usually something I can control

But this time it won’t go away

I don’t know what it is

All I know is there’s so much darkness

But I am stronger than it, whatever it is

My good side will always overpower my bad side

My good side will never be completely blinded by my dark side

But I do feel it

Pulling me away

Blinding my sight light little by little

I’m trying to run away

But isn’t that what I always do?

I’m tired of it

This time i’ll stay to fight it

Whatever it is

There is so much darkness clouding my space

Whatever it is

I’ll kill it with light

I’ll kill it with vision

I’ll kill it with passion

I won’t lie

Sometimes I want to give in

Maybe let it take control

But i’ll lose myself

I’ll lose my soul

That’s the price you pay

I won’t give in

Sometimes it’s a desire

But I have learned to love myself

Become aware of myself

Become one with myself

With the world

With the vibe

Fighting these demons

Vibing with angels

The demons give me a rush

But the angels bring me to sanity