Way better on my own

Because of you I didn’t know happy
I didn’t know fun and I didn’t know me

Because of you I couldn’t smile nor laugh
But because of you I also realized that,

All those things I couldn’t do were better
than all the things you put me through

All the pain you put me through
all the tears that you withdrew
awakened my soul, they opened my eyes

Now I can smile, now I can laugh
at how stupid I was for crying for you
at how stupid I was for letting you get to me

Now I know happy
now I can eat, now I  can rest

Maybe with time you’ll realize that,
Because of me you was once happy

Because of me you laughed and smiled
I never made you cry & I never made you sad

But now you are miserable because i’m not in your life
But you should of realized it before

Before you hurt me so bad
don’t call me nor text me

because now i’m not with you and thank you for that
Happier than ever, with my biggest smile ever
Thank you for teaching me that I can do better

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