I’m scared because

So much darkness

Clouds my space

It’s usually something I can control

But this time it won’t go away

I don’t know what it is

All I know is there’s so much darkness

But I am stronger than it, whatever it is

My good side will always overpower my bad side

My good side will never be completely blinded by my dark side

But I do feel it

Pulling me away

Blinding my sight light little by little

I’m trying to run away

But isn’t that what I always do?

I’m tired of it

This time i’ll stay to fight it

Whatever it is

There is so much darkness clouding my space

Whatever it is

I’ll kill it with light

I’ll kill it with vision

I’ll kill it with passion

I won’t lie

Sometimes I want to give in

Maybe let it take control

But i’ll lose myself

I’ll lose my soul

That’s the price you pay

I won’t give in

Sometimes it’s a desire

But I have learned to love myself

Become aware of myself

Become one with myself

With the world

With the vibe

Fighting these demons

Vibing with angels

The demons give me a rush

But the angels bring me to sanity

One response to “PICK YOUR SIDE”

  1. May be we both share one bond that we both get a rush fighting demons.

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