That bitch Mary Jane

Mary Jane.png

The only bitch he’ll ever love is Mary Jane
she has a green soul
he rolls her up making her feel at home
she got brown skin
very thin, very long
she got white hair flowing like smoke from a chimney
he puts his lips on her without a shame
and then he pulls like it’s his last breath
with his finger on her waist
he inhales her soul
then exhales her thoughts
feeling nice, feeling like she did a great job
he gave her head making it his third pull
she even makes sex feel at it’s best
every time he pulls and exhales he goes deeper into her skin
she is shrinking in his thoughts & her flames are falling off
she is half way ash, half way done
he passes her to the next dude
she gets reused by too many dudes
they all touch her and smoke her and use her until she is long gone
and when she is done, it’s time for round two
same procedures same pulls same feelings
she is gone again but they always look for her again
she plays games and plays with their mind
when they with her they feel high
but even with the damage that she does,
the way she takes them to another world,
she will always be the only bitch they’ll ever love
because that’s that bitch Mary Jane

2 responses to “That bitch Mary Jane”

  1. I loved it… Read it before on your twitter profile but still sounds lovely. I will be waiting for more like this. Keep up the good work.

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