Help me stand


Let’s go hang and chill
Go to the ice cream stand for a little
I just want a taste of your love, for real
I don’t have to explain myself because you know the deal
You make me feel, this feeling is ideal
The feeling is surreal, it’s so good, it feels unreal
You’ve helped me heal
It’s nice to know I don’t stand alone
My hand you love to hold
I was told my heart was old and cold
It was ready to be sold, but
You’ve helped me mold my heart
You’ve helped me turned it gold
I’m glad I don’t stand alone



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I’m doing my best

There is no resting until I figure it out

When I move ahead, I often get caught up in a set up

But I’m going to keep on testing my abilities

Playing with the melodies to reach tranquility

Suggesting better strategies, feeding my creativity

My pain is strong but every time it hits me I get even stronger

Some pain I’ve become immune to, some I’ve released and some pain still drowns me

Sometimes I want to vent, but I’m tired of venting, sometimes it feels so unsettling

Wrestling darkness, protecting my spirit

Old soul, old beliefs, still believes in old tricks

Don’t want to relieve old trips, sometimes I slip, I bite my lip, it grips my soul, I have no control

But when the darkness strips off my skin, that’s a trip I’m trying to stay in

Sincere Words


thumbnail (1).pngShe watches the beauty of the snow

While she relieves the dullness of her everyday show

Trying to fight the mental chain 

Trying to stop from diving into her shadows 

She feels her happiness is on distanced waves 

A youthful energy but defective thought patterns

Going through an ancient analysis to possibly feel eternal 

She knows the problem comes from internal

She’s developed an unhealthy feeling she’s used to

When everyone goes to sleep and the silence hits her, she has nothing but words

She approaches them, under the moonlight, they seem to be the only thing that’s sincere 



ridiculous willfulness

beautiful skillfulness

whole vividness

marvelous ambitiousness

limitless, sometimes there’s wickedness

sinfulness, suspiciousness

some days despicable, other days pure blissfulness



You were the one who told me I deserved better

That if it didn’t work out with you I should still find better

But anytime you miss me, you call me and tell me you’re trying to kiss me

But you only miss me for profit

Many times you confirmed your soul is genuine but you can’t even be honest

I ask you how often you miss me and you respond often

Want to love me in June and disappear in August 

You say you miss my face but I know you really miss my body

That’s when you become a nobody 

You’re fooling everybody

But I know it’s for profit

Those secrets need to come out of the closet

Never Left

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Your sweet flesh is impossible to detest

With one touch, I know you’re causing a thrilling effect

I get into your mind, discover all your interests and I’m impressed 

I’ve been hurt before so this feeling I want to reject

For me, you hold a huge amount of respect

I know sometimes it feels like a test

But if I don’t proceed, all I’ll feel is regret

For a moment, I start to overthink 

You would distract me so I wouldn’t drink

You begin to caress me, undress me

I lay on your chest, no longer feeling pressed

I don’t know where this journey takes us, but this feeling is the best 

I’m caressed, I’ve expressed my distress

Even times I’ve been depressed, upset, you still protect our energy, kept us connected mentally 

You would just forget and you never left

As the rain falls slowly

as the rain faills.png

As the rain falls slowly

I curl up in a corner of my bed

Trying to explain once again to my brain

what caused it all the pain because it still doesn’t understand 


As the rain falls slowly

I try to maintain my balance

I’m trying to gain positive knowledge 

Trying to dismiss all the strain


As the rain falls slowly

A train of thought hits me hard

I’m trying not to cry but my tears are hard to contain


As the rain falls slowly

I try to get up, but my body refrains

I’m trying to get up, by my body is drained

When my mind is wake, I’ll feel it in my veins